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Academics Overview

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons offers its students a solid college-preparatory curriculum. Students pursue either a Regents or Honors level course of study. The goal of our academic program is to provide our students with challenging courses in a well-structured environment. The school provides them with the strong academic foundation necessary to make the best colleges in the country realistic educational options for our graduates.

Levels of Instruction

The academic program seeks to meet the needs of all students. Through the testing program, counseling, teacher recommendations, and consultation with parents, students are placed in courses which take into consideration the course objectives and goals, as well as the aspirations, academic skills, and emotional maturity of the student.

Many courses are offered on two levels: Honors and Accelerated. While the curriculum is parallel, meaning that each level of the course has similar goals and objectives, the level of instruction varies by methodology, degree of difficulty, and volume of information presented. Students are not necessarily placed in the same level in all subject areas. Placement in a particular level is based on the student's aptitude and performance in the various disciplines. Accelerated level courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want an advanced college preparatory curriculum and who are highly motivated and have a high level of responsibility, aptitude, and achievement. Principles and concepts are explored in greater depth and more independent work is expected of the student.

Regents level courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want a college preparatory curriculum, and who can complete assigned tasks with minimum supervision, and who have a good level of aptitude and achievement.