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The Alumni Association will aspire to provide stewardship for the continued development and growth of Notre Dame – Bishop Gibbons School as an educational standard.  Inspired by the efforts and sacrifices of our parents and guardians who provided us a Catholic Christian education foundation, we will provide valued leadership for the future.


The Notre Dame – Bishop Gibbons School Alumni Association shall function to promote an active alumni community.  It will foster lifelong relationships between alumni, as well as between alumni and our alma mater.  The Alumni Association will coordinate activities for alumni, as well as events and/or programs that provide support for the school.  The association will always strive to uphold the mission, vision and values of Notre Dame – Bishop Gibbons School.

Executive Board Members:
Pat Moran '93  Principal
Mickie Baldwin '84, Director of Advancement
Frank Decatur ’63, President
Frank Ciervo '73 Vice President
Nancy Melita ’87, Secretary and Special Event

Joe Malinowski '15 Member at Large

Sam South '08 Member at Large

Member Chapters
Bishop Gibbons High School 1962 – 1975
Notre Dame High School 1963 – 1975
Notre Dame - Bishop Gibbons High School 1976 – 1989
Notre Dame - Bishop Gibbons School 1989 – present

Alumni Association Membership Dues:

With great cooperation from the school you will have immediate payback, in addition to supporting the operation of the Alumni Association.  Your dues eliminate the support from the school for items such as printing and front costs for fundraising but more importantly your dues support the annual Alumni Association Award at graduation, The James Merryweather, Jr. Scholarship, The Cora Nigriny Buttridge Scholarship all while still supporting the school with special events such as the Golf Tournament and the Hall of Fame.  

As for immediate payback, Notre Dame – Bishop Gibbons School extends to all paid members of the Alumni Association, free admission to home  and basketball (boys & girls) games. This does not include guests/spouse of alumni.  

Dues Payment:
Yearly             $25.00
Lifetime        $200.00    
Dues are waived for the first five years after graduation, as long as you register.

To become a member, please email Mickie Baldwin at OR