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Baccalaureate-Graduation Reminders for Families and Live Video Streaming Info


Good Afternoon,


I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday and Saturday.  I wanted to leave you with these final reminders for graduation and the Baccalaureate Ceremony. 


Student Dress Expectations

Boys should wear a collared shirt and a nice pair of dress or khaki pants with dress shoes.  No jeans or shorts.  Girls can wear nice dress or outfit.  Crocs, slides, flip flops should not be worn.  


Graduation caps and gowns should not be decorated or have any messages written on them.  Students must wear their gown to baccalaureate and their cap and gown for graduation.  NDBG logo masks should be worn by students at Baccalaureate and graduation.  Masks were given out at graduation practice. 


For graduation only guests who pre-registered will be allowed to enter the church. 


Baccalaureate Ceremony

Baccalaureate is walk through ceremony.  Last names A-H can begin arriving at 6pm.  I-Z can begin arriving 7pm.


When you arrive, you will wait in your car until everyone in your family party arrives.  Then you will be directed by staff to the back of the library. 


Each student will get a program and flower.  Each family will go to the courtyard for pictures. 


After that you will enter the library for special prayer from your teachers and a blessing from Fr. Leo. 


Some seniors have expressed interest in putting their handprints on a mural designed on the stairwell above the library.  After the student’s ceremony is over in the library any interested can do the handprints.  There will be a few senior students around to assist any students interested in leaving their handprints on the mural. 




For graduation you will be able to enter St. John’s through beginning at 8:35am.  There are two doors that will be open facing the parking lot that you will be allowed to enter and exit through.  Do not use the church doors that are in front of the church.  They are for emergency use only. 


Please wait for your entire party to arrive before entering the church. 


Once you enter the church you will be checked in and you will need to sanitize your hands upon entry. 


Teachers will be working as ushers and will bring you to your pew.  There will be a piece of paper with your name on it where each student must sit to give them easy access to the center aisle.  


Each pew is marked off with tape to allow for social distancing.  Please do not remove the tape. 


Once the graduation ceremony is over, I will dismiss the church family by family.  There is a funeral service shortly after our graduation ends. 




Graduation and Baccalaureate will be livestreamed for those family members that can’t make it.  Both the Baccalaureate Prayer Service (Fri, 6pm – 8:30pm) and Graduation (9am – 11am) will be live streamed through our Facebook Page. You do not need to sign up for an account to view:


The stream will appear and go live on that page just prior to both events. It will be uploaded afterward to our official YouTube so that it can be viewed again later on demand if you wish.

Tuition and Fees

Please make sure that all tuition and school fees are paid for your child. 

Thank you,

Mr. Jones


Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School

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