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Mock Trail Team advances to NYS Championship


Mock Trail Team advances to NYS Championship

Dateline: Saturday, 4/13/19

After 3 separate trials today, the ND-BG MOCK TRIAL TEAM won all three and will compete for the state championship next month! They beat the Augustine Classical Academy, a longtime powerhouse and rival, Holy Names, and finally Doane Stuart.

The team was led by juniors Jilda Alvord, Alexis Bye, Noah Decker, Abby Verhayden and Audrey Vermilyea, as well as ninth graders Kateri Gullion, Kathryn Braun, Kristana Lott, and Lauren Coleman.

Congratulations to Linda Neidl, Melanie Anchukaitis, Steven Baldwin, Attorney-Coach Kirk Lewis, and Attorney Beth Dixon ‘09, and the whole team for this wonderful accomplishment.

- Dr. Paul O'Brien

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