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We Congratulate the NDBG Class of 2024


We Congratulate the NDBG Class of 2024

We congratulate and celebrate the Class of 2024 on their graduation on June 8.This is the 49th graduating  class of Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons and this was a class to celebrate. These individuals were accepted into more than 50 colleges and universities across the nation and across 26 counties in New York State. As a class they have received over 6.5 million dollars in scholarships and grants to continue their education at the 2 and 4 year schools of their choice. Among ths class was an Eagle Scout, a published illustrator, a self published author, and two political refugees. Thiis class had atheletes that set school records in track and field and competed for the Girls Basketball State Championship in 2023 and 2024. We send the Class of 2024 forth knowing they wil do great things in the future. Congratulations!!

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