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ND-BG/Siena Partnership

Continuously ranked as one of the best colleges in New York State, it is no secret that Siena College is a renowned higher educational institution. Generations of our Golden Knights have attended Siena and become successful alumni. As a testament to both the quality of academics and the emphasis on spiritual and moral values at the two schools, we are honored to partner and form a one-of-its-kind program with Siena College.

The Siena College and Notre Dame - Bishop Gibbons Early Assurance and College Planning Partnership is the first of its kind program between two private schools and will prepare our students and families for the college application process. Workshops on the process are presented to students as young as the sixth grade and will give families an idea of what to anticipate.

The Early Assurance Program will identify students as early as their freshman year of high school based on their past and projected academic performance for automatic acceptance into Siena College. To apply, students will need to submit an application, essay and transcript, and must be on track to complete a required number of academic units in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language.

For more information about the ND-BG/Siena Partnership contact the ND-BG Admissions Office.